Best Laundry Tips in 2017 to Do it your-self at Home

Dry cleaning and laundry tips 2017 to do it your self at Home

Growing up comes with accumulating responsibilities that your parents have most likely been doing for you for a long time. Certain things may be simple, such as picking out your own clothing and cooking for oneself, but other tasks can be a little more daunting when we realize certain things don’t come with instruction manuals. Take washing your clothes. There are a number of mishaps that can occur when you take on laundry duties such as:

  • Shrinkage
  • Tears
  • Color Accidents

Maybe you accidentally washed a tube of red lipstick and now it’s stained all of your clothing, or perhaps a loose sock got clogged in the washer and now the machine is shaking and making loud noises.

Whatever the mishap is, we’re here to try and prevent anything regrettable from happening to your clothes. We’ve compiled a list of the top laundry hacks that you may not know about. This list might come in handy to save your favorite sweater.

Tips 2017 Special Guides

1. There are lots of different articles of clothing, and they each come with different wash instructions. Sometimes, the little labels on clothing can be quite confusing to read and sometimes they only come with a set of symbols. Make your own Laundry Guide and keep it in the laundry room so you never forget the rules.

Hangout Your Laundry in Proper way

2. Hanger creases in your clothing? If you need to hang something with a wire hanger, it’s pretty difficult to avoid that telltale wrinkle at the fold. To avoid this, slide a pool noodle over the bottom of the coat hanger or drying rack. This will leave your clothes seamless and crease free.

Reminder for Weekly Dry cleaning and laundry

3. Use a dry erase marker to remind yourself what’s washing and to leave drying instructions if you don’t have a window on your machine.

Handle carefully laces and drying Doors

4. Wash a pair of grungy sneakers by making sure the laces catch on the dryer door. This will hold your sneakers in place and prevent them from getting destroyed.

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A version of this article appeared in the laundry blog.

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